Gwen Olsen: The Meaning of Life and the 3D Reality

Head Shot Jungle PinkExcellence Reporter: Gwen, what is the meaning of life?

Gwen Olsen: For me the meaning of life is to establish spiritual sovereignty over one’s physical being and experience, while recognizing our infinite connection to God through love.

When we are born into a human body in this 3D reality, we feel isolated and separated from God, or Source. Life, which is a representation of the passage of time, provides us the opportunity to create circumstances and experiences that will, hopefully, lead to a spiritual awakening and the ultimate enlightenment of our truth.

What is that truth? We are spiritual beings here having a human experience. Once awake, we realize that WE are the CREATOR of our experience on Earth. This realization transforms our victim consciousness, which makes us feel small, less than, slighted, transgressed against, harmed, and subjugated, into one of self-empowerment. In other words, the recognition of who we are, sets us free.

Many times it is a creation of illness, near-death, or other traumatic experience that over-rides our human programming in order to awaken the spirit within. Once released from this 3D illusion, we can clearly see the true nature of ourselves. After which, we can not only heal ourselves, but we can co-create responsibly and with purpose, the journey of our heart’s desires and dreams. Thus, life allows us to practice overcoming our artificially-imposed human nature, while returning us to our true sovereign, spiritual state of being, which is love.


~Gwen Olsen spent more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry before blowing the whistle on its profiteering practices. She is the author of the award-winning book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, and contributing author to three other titles. She has appeared in a dozen documentaries, testified before Congress and the FDA, and has been featured by numerous media outlets all over the world. Gwen currently shares her knowledge and experience as a Certified Health Coach assisting others in healing their mind, body and spirit, in order to manifest the life of their dreams.

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