Rose Caiola: The Meaning of Life and Being Authentic

Rose HeadshotExcellence Reporter: Rose, what is the meaning of life?

Rose Caiola: I believe the meaning of life is to feel good about yourself, by doing what makes you happy and fills your heart. It means accepting where you are and being grateful for what you have even when you’re facing challenges.

To live life fully means connecting with people you love in a deep and meaningful way. The highlights of my life are my family—my husband and two beautiful children—as well as the amazing friends I’ve made along the way. I surround myself with people who love, support and inspire me.

Authenticity is everything. When you’re authentic and you speak from your heart, you have nothing to protect or defend. You may be making yourself vulnerable, but nine out of ten times your honesty will be reciprocated.

It’s about embracing your flaws, stepping out of your comfort zone and being compassionate to yourself and others. This will enable you to open your heart and give back to the community as best you can.


~Rose Caiola could have easily been defined by her success in the business world; however, a yearning for a deeper understanding of wellness, health and spirituality led her to explore the roots of wellbeing. Today, she is not only a business leader in Manhattan, but also a highly regarded teacher, lecturer and expert whose own ambition is to help others seeking personal growth. She is the founder of Rewire Me.

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