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Caroline Shola Arewa: The Meaning of Life – Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace

Shola4 - head & ShoulderAs humans we are meaning making machines. We have the capacity to reflect on life, to shape our lives consciously. We can be aware of every waking moment and what we are creating in it. We can live our Lives on Purpose, with Passion, in Peace. This great gift is available to us.

When I look back on my life and the Blessons I’ve been gifted over the decades. I am filled with gratitude. Life was not always easy for me, particularly in my childhood, which was filled with physical and emotional pain. I was forced early on to connect with a power greater than me, for my healing, inner peace and to uncover my greatest potential. From my early 20s I asked the same question you ask ‘what is the meaning of life?

This is what I discovered.

Everything is Energy. We are infinite Energy Beings. We are powerful beyond measure as co-creators of the universe and its magnificent unfolding. We have an innate ability to create greater health, happiness and fulfillment or we can create, pain, suffering and dis-ease. This largely depends on how we use or abuse our personal Energy resources.

As we awaken to this wondrous innate knowledge, we begin to release that which no longer serves our highest calling. We can determine the reason for our birth, the Divine Purpose of our being here at this time, walking on the earth our mother, seated on the lap of the Great Goddess co-creating an evolutionary universe.

I believe we are all here for a great purpose. There is something each one of us has to do. Something no-one else can do. Only you! We each have different Blessons that shaped our lives and prepared us for the work we are destined to do. Seeking Spirit early to heal my own pain has served me in supporting others to heal from deep pain and make massive lifestyle shifts that bring greater ease and wellbeing in life. My Purpose is helping people to get their energy back and their life on track!

My Purpose is also my Passion. I love working with people, I love helping people understand the real power we hold within; the core energy, our essence, the human energy system, the Chakra System. When we work with the Chakras at the core energetic level of our being, magic happens; and we can create profound shifts that bring peace, health and fulfillment. 

When we tap into our core energy and essential being-ness, we create Peace. From a still quiet place of peace we can improve our overall health, embrace happiness and rapidly transform our lives. We can harness our innate inner power as co-creators and design lives we love. Lives filled with meaning, purpose, passion and peace!

Ultimately I believe it is important to embrace Purpose, Passion and Peace, so we can live energized lives full of health, happiness, success and fulfillment.


~Caroline Shola Arewa, known as the Energy Doctor, pioneer in Energy, Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Coaching. A Humanistic Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Author, Caroline Shola Arewa has transformed lives worldwide for 30 years with her award winning work. In the early 1980s Shola went on a spiritual journey that completely transformed her life. She has supported others ever since, through her five published books, including, Opening to Spirit, Way of the Chakras and Alchemy of Energy. Shola also writes for health and lifestyle magazines and is featured in the award winning film Yogawoman. Shola is founder of Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training, offering people the opportunity to get their Energy back and Life on track.

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