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Dr. Kimberly McGeorge: The Meaning of Life and the Frequency of Pure Love

cropped-cropped-header (1)Excellence Reporter: Dr. McGeorge, what is the meaning of life?

Kimberly McGeorge: While a big question, in my work I’ve come to an interesting conclusion. It’s a frequency experience for the soul. Some might even say a type of battle. You see we go about our daily lives, thinking nothing matters. It doesn’t matter what we eat, who we talk to, what programs we watch or what choices we make….it actually matters…a lot.

We are either contributing to high frequency and light or lower frequency and density. This is a micro situation within our own being and bodies and a macro situation that affects your family, your neighborhood, your town, country and world.

We need to be making deliberate choices. We have the amazing gift of free will and we CAN choose whatever we like but all choices have an energetic reaction. The 528 frequency of pure love is so different as has been proven than the frequencies of hate or war.

We don’t think we matter but we DO matter. Oh, do you matter. What if you prayed, meditated or focused on Peace. Love. Joy. What if your choices sprang from a clean body and an awakened soul?

What could change? I believe everything. Once you believe everything can change based on one person’s contribution, we are on the path to bringing up the light on the planet today.

This is not restricted or isolated to one field of work or one area of the world. This principle overlies culture, class and race.

We can all choose light and love. We can all reflect kindness. And if by chance you are reading this and have made a different choice. The beautiful thing is…You can choose again…..something different.


~Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH, Quantum Energy Healer, Frequency Master, Naturopathic Doctor and Remote Viewer. Dr. McGeorge has been working in the field of frequency and energy medicine for the last 16 years and in the alternative medicine field for the last 26 years. She has created groundbreaking frequency products including Energy Mastered using the latest in technology.

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