Drs. Amy & Arnold Mindell: The Meaning of Life and The Dreaming Process

a+aUNU2015Excellence Reporter: Drs. Mindell, what is the meaning of life?

Drs. Mindell: What we know for sure, is that each person must find her, his or their own meaning of life in their big dreams.

So therefore, “Trust in your Dreaming Process”, as it appears individually to each of us. This process reveals either an ever-changing meaning of life, or one main theme.

Our experience with thousands of people in individual therapy, relationship work, large groups, organizational and international  conflict is this:

There is a momentary meaning of life that depends upon the given situation. However the larger and more constant meaning seems to be connected with our first memories and dreams.


~Dr. Arnold Mindell is an American author, therapist and teacher in the fields of transpersonal psychology, body psychotherapy, social change and spirituality. He is known for extending Jungian dream analysis to body symptoms, promoting ideas of ‘deep democracy,’ and interpreting concepts from physics and mathematics in psychological terms. Mindell is the founder of process oriented psychology, also called Process Work, a development of Jungian psychology influenced by Taoism, shamanism and physics.
Dr. Amy Mindell helped developed process work in the areas of coma, creativity, and dance. She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology and is a diplomate of the Process Oriented Psychology Center of Zurich. She wrote Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy, Riding the Horse Backwards with Arny, Coma, a Healing Journey, and An Alternative to Therapy as well as papers in professional journals. Amy’swork with art, music and puppets appears in her newest book The Dreaming Source of Creativity. Her most recent musical CD is First Bloom (she is the singer, music composer, and technical engineer).

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