Ilse Huizinga: The Meaning of Life… Cycling Over the Amsterdam Canals by Night

Versie 3Excellence Reporter: Ilse, what is the meaning of life?

Else Huizinga: To me, the meaning of life is found in the things that make you smile. I think it is found in doing what you love and being able to share that love.

I find it in:
Appreciating small things, like the sun in the morning,
The smell of lilacs in spring,
Exchanging smiles with a stranger,
Seeing your child grow into a beautiful and wise human being,
Fresh coffee,
Soulful food,
Fantastic music,
Dinner with friends,
Exploring new cities,
Cycling over the Amsterdam canals by night,
Being captivated by a particular painting in a museum,
Taking photographs of people,
The comfort of reading an inspiring book,
Learning new skills,
Being kind to yourself,
Being good to others.

The meaning of life is also found in creating. Taking up challenges. Big challenges. Challenges that make you stretch yourself. Going after your dream. Listening to your inner whispers.

And last, but not least… the meaning of life is found in love.

Just imagine a world where every single one of us is doing what he/she loves.


~Ilse Huizinga is one of Holland’s top jazz singers. She just released her 7th album, Here’s To Maya Angelou, dedicated to the poetry of the famous American author. Ilse performs throughout Europe and is a highly sought-after vocal coach. She developed the online method Songbird, a vocal jazz program for singers worldwide.

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