Stuart Fuchs: Is There a Meaning to Life?

2976823Excellence Reporter: Stuart, what is the meaning of life?

Stuart Fuchs: Is there a meaning to life? This question is certainly a profound one with as many answers as there are sentient beings on Earth!

In my experience, the “meaning of life” is to wake up from the dream state of our mind’s chatter, and connect with life…as it is actually happening in the present moment. We all have a seemingly non-stop stream of thoughts that label all phenomena as this or that – good and bad…and the millions of other labels we place onto any particular experience moment. Part of this is natural and good for survival of course, but identifying soley with the labels can keep us very much separated from actual experiences of each precious day. Instead of seeing, hearing, tasting, living through what is present, we can get trapped in our labels of what is “out there”.

By creating some space (ahhhh) between each thought it is both possible and very joyful to awaken to our present moment experiences. If we can find the space between thoughts, our hearts will naturally expand and connect with others. It becomes possible to live in the truth that what we experience outside of ourselves is a reflection of our inner state. When we understand that relationship between inner and out experience, human beings’ naturally compassionate state awakens and we can better love what is in our lives – the people and experiences in our day to day present moments.

Of course, this is only my experience…ha – ha!!


~Stuart Fuchs is a guitarist with Snatam Kaur, a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, sound healer, and an innovative and compassionate teacher.

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Categories: Awakening, Music

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