Raha Moharrak: The Meaning of Life and The Human Wealth

381A7733Excellence Reporter: Raha, what is the meaning of life?

Raha Moharrak: The very existence of life continues to be one of the most intriguing aspects to question. By relying on logic and reasoning, man has always found the need to comprehend the meaning and the purpose of life. The desire and urge to understand what life encompasses has meant that numerous theories have been put forward to explain the same. Philosophical arguments have also been put in the ray in attempts to find the meaning of life. Religious arguments brought forward contrast the nihilist belief regarding life’s true meaning. Truth of the matter is that there is no straight forward answer to the meaning of life. Depending on the various angles taken, the meaning of life can be appreciated to be complex and ever changing. Personally, I find the meaning of life to be very dynamic.

First, I believe that life’s meaning has everything to do with living happy and being content. The true life’s purpose has to mean that one is happy. Happiness in life has been argued to be a true stimulus of success in all other sectors as well. When one is happy and content with themselves, there is a general appreciation of the person as well as desire to be at their optimal. Actual value and satisfaction of life has to be if person lives happily and is content. But, how exactly does one live happily and be content with their life? That can be answered in many ways but my fundamental rule is surrounding yourself with human wealth and not material wealth. Human wealth would mean the inherent values that each person possess as well as the unique qualities that do not change. These can include a good personality, beliefs and experiences. Life gets its actual meaning when one is able to surround them selves with human wealth that does not depreciate or change as opposed to material wealth. A life that is hinged on material wealth is not complete as its happiness will only be in times of riches while in the harsh economic times one will be depressed.

In the same regard, the true meaning of life has to be that whose aim is to always leave a positive legacy no matter how small or big. A life well lived has to be centered on making the world a better place by touching and impacting lives at every possible opportunity. Life’s true meaning is always about having a positive legacy such that person’s around you can always strive to be better. One way of leaving a positive legacy in this life is through being honest and honorable to one’s best ability. Honesty as a virtue in all the undertakings will surely leave a very positive impact while also ensuring that your life is being lived optimally. Being true to yourself and who you really are is in line with being content and living happy. One cannot achieve their true purpose if they live a lie and do not appreciate where they come from.

The final understanding of the meaning of life has to be the living a life regretting that one has done as opposed to the opportunities missed. The greatest mistake in life has to be not taking chances and sticking within one’s comfort zone. The true meaning of life is that which is lived through taking chances and learning from the experiences. Life has everything to do with being bold and cherishing the opportunities taken and not experiences missed.

If I had the choice, I would rather regret the things I have done rather than the things I didn’t do. In the end the true meaning of life is simply to live it and not just to be alive.


~Raha Moharrak is the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest.

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