Helene Bjerg: The Meaning of Life… Following Your Personal GPS

_Q6N1900_bright_warmExcellence Reporter: Helene, what is the meaning of life?

Helene Bjerg: The meaning of life is about unfolding YOU

… then the rest will follow. Clearing the way for this to happen is our foremost task in life. We can fully trust that all the good things we are seeking -­‐ love, grace, worthiness and communion will arise when we commit to this journey.

We don’t need to feel wrong and in need of fixing. When we all start by unfolding ourselves, each one of us automatically contributes to the whole with the best possible actions and thoughts.

The meaning of life is a constantly evolving journey of returning back to who you are and how you can share that with the world. The daily commitment to keeping and regaining your alignment and balance with yourself is above any other goal, because when you live from this place you will naturally see and demonstrate what is needed for the common cause.

Thus there is no final destination – no new perfection of grace and bliss that we shall or will reach – there is only you and me unfolding and on the way finding more and more of the innate good that rests in us all.

In this light any experience, good or painful, is an opportunity for unfolding and bit by bit returning home to who you are.

We can give back to the world by helping as many people as possible to unfold themselves, and by seeing the light in each other – from this place we will all have a growing wish to work and live for the common interest of us all.

I used to live my life trying to be perfect in a way that left me open to being wronged by the people I met on my way. I was constantly on the lookout for a remedy for the lost feeling I felt inside. I was seeking high and low, yet the feeling of being lost persisted until I found that all the things I needed were right inside me, if I just dared to be me and follow my own personal GPS. I have seen how all of my clients have been set free once they understand that the meaning of life is to return to being themselves, and that this journey of unfolding will slowly bring them all the good things they are looking for in life.


~Helene Bjerg is the author of “Unfolding Your Power -­‐ by living Your Personal GPS” and is a renowned executive coach in Denmark. In her work she is creating transformational experiences for groups and individuals by setting them free to return back to the power that lies in following their personal GPS.

Helene has a Masters in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. She has been owner of her own company since 2003. She initially worked within change management and organizational development but slowly her clients started paying for her one-­‐ on-­‐one conversations and insights. As a consequence she decided to get a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford School of Coaching and mentoring and graduated in 2007.

Since then Helene has been working on integrating the meaning of life with creating good results and success. Today she only works with transformational coaching – helping people and organizations to unfold themselves and find the innate power that arises from this place. Helene has been working all over Europe and has lived in many countries. Amongst others she has been studying in both the US and UK.

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