Maya Azucena: The Meaning of Life and the Music that Uplifts the Soul

CM8A2798_bwExcellence Reporter: Maya, what is the meaning of life?

Maya Azucena: Before every concert I do a prayer: The prayer asks God to please bless the performance, and allow me to touch someone’s heart and move people.

The summation of all my Life’s purpose is to help people. Everything about my inner desire and purpose is driven by a deep desire to help. I see such pain, hurt, such damage, low esteem, and sadness around the world. Every ounce of me wants people in need to recognize the power that resides within them. For them to be reminded they have a story worthy to be told, and a vision worthy to be lived. That God created us each powerfully unique with something only we can express and achieve. And we have a unique position in the world around us, to make an impact and effect change.

If we understand that there is only one “you” that ever was, or ever will be, you may consider that your mark on the world is indelible. Even when you do not recognize that it is. If you become aware of your power then you can consciously apply it – and wield it well! Do not let doubt hold you back. Do not let the judgment of others repress you. You have a power within you to set free.

Go toward your uniqueness – in it is power. Nurture your odd things. Be the one-of-a-kind beacon that you are. And with this power, help others. Do not let them remain alone in their struggle. Touch the shoulder of the nearest person you can help, and help them with what you’ve got! I’m blessed with my music and this is my tool for empowering others. What is yours? Know this, and know the meaning of your life.


~Maya Azucena, MTV Made’s Award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist, is known for making music that uplifts the soul. Maya is also the proud Artist Ambassador for Bead For Life, an NGO based in Uganda, and the recipient of the 2013 Innovator of Change Award.

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