Shilpa Jain: The Meaning of Life… Being Connected in the Web of Love

305278_10150359822245140_747470139_10190432_242988494_nExcellence Reporter: Shilpa, what is the meaning of life?

Shilpa Jain: What I have learned is that the meaning of life is to love and be loved — to be connected in the web of love — in every realm imaginable.

In my work with change makers around the globe, I see that certain threads run through every human heart: listening and being listened to, appreciating the gifts of each unique being and one’s own gifts, giving and receiving support and care, feeling a tie to the natural world, slowing down and breathing…

It is clear to me that each soul arrives here with a special purpose, and it is, in some way, towards connecting, healing and loving on this planet. The meaning of life is to both discover and then fully live out this purpose in a community of interdependence.

Relationships of love — with my spirit/self, with other diverse human beings, and with nature and the wider world — are the essence of being, and therefore, of living. All of this leads to co-creating the world we want to see. To me, finding myself as part of that co-creation is a life well-lived, and one I vision for and aim to practice every day.


~Shilpa Jain Executive Director of YES!
YES! is an organization focusing on restoring balance and sustainability; means-to-end consistency; partnerships across historic divides; and intentional space for the role of love and spirit.

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