JAC Patrissi: The Meaning of Life… Being Happy and Hard to Fool

JAC Patrissi 2016Excellence Reporter: JAC, what is the meaning of life?

JAC Patrissi: Every profound truth is paradoxical. Also, I don’t think so.

The meaning of life is that we are to learn how to become both Happy and Hard to Fool. You see, to be only Happy, floating in whimsy, is to be vulnerable and unwise. Yet to be only Hard to Fool is to be bereft of joy, dry and separate, guarded and seeking fault.

To be Happy and Hard to Fool means to put time to its best use: remembering and embodying the present moment, and all our yesterdays, with nothing left out. From our toes to our hair (or what is left of it in the end). This way, I will find no strangers within myself or within you. Time teaches us to honor those who are here to hear me say NO, that wonderful word from the land of Hard to Fool. It teaches us to recognize when I, too, was honored by being told NO, in all the right ways. This helps us become able to say, ‘yes’ to all of our life. When we know all of our past, it folds up behind us into an unhindered present. When we find the discernment that tells us where to say “NO,” our life unfolds into yeses. I told you this was paradoxical.

We are here to see, and to forgive ourselves for the separation we have created among all things, to let go our separate grandiosity and embrace our grandeur together. To be fed by our unity and delight in our endless creative distinctions until the blinking of our eyes times one silently repeated, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” And since the outcome is certain, since we have already awakened together, we are here to remember how we did it. How we danced and mourned our way back home to one another.

We are here to use this body, this voice, this mind in service to the love that tells us to sing, to dance, to write, to make music, to teach, to heal, to extend to one another our feeling of how it is that we are an open system, responding to and fulfilled by the Great Unseen, be that physics, math, the mysteries of nature or the realm of spirit. We are not a closed, isolated system, bound by some name or a singular, decaying body. Neither are we fooled by fakery and all the masks of false compassion or derisive superiority.

The meaning of life is to grow in love, dismissing what once fooled us, until our very breath is the sweetest reminder of you and all that you truly are.


~JAC Patrissi is a Communications Specialist who uses writing, performance art, training and collaborative facilitation in order to support healing for women who are questioning the health of their relationships or who are healing from destructive relationships.

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