Annette Knopp: When Everything Loses It’s Meaning

annetteknopp-forEmagazine“When everything loses it’s meaning, every thing becomes meaningful.”

This insight arises when the mind after intense spiritual seeking unhinges itself and opens into its natural infinite expanse. Now stripped of all interpretations and opinions that previously masked the raw experience of life, the truth lies bare and naked: ‘meaning’ as we commonly understand it, is a man made concept – an attempt to make sense of the aching disconnect that we feel within ourselves as well as from the totality of existence.

Our Western culture has enamored itself with its weighty intellect that abstracts life into concepts, systems, and theories. Those maps are attempts to help us navigate our increasing modern human complexity, but we unwittingly forgot that these mind made maps are not reality: when we hold them too tight, we dissociate ourselves from the very life that runs through our veins.

Entrapped in our mental control towers, disconnected from the natural intelligence of our bodies and nature as a whole – the infinite field of consciousness – we become blind to life’s inherent completeness and beauty. This separation hurts, it feels empty; and when we feel empty, we crave meaning. We become like a fish swimming in the Ocean, asking everyone we meet: “Can you tell me, where I can find water?”

Paradoxically, in the expanse of the awakened Heart and Mind that is free of conditions and concepts (such as meaning), every particle of existence is inherently meaningful, simply because it is.

And yet, once freed of the search for ultimate meaning, we have the rare privilege to ask ourselves: “Now, how can I make the best use of my remaining time on Earth? How can I serve best the wholeness of life?” The answer tends to be so uniquely personal that it is always imbued with deep meaning.


~Annette Knopp is an Inner-Depth Counselor, Medicine Woman, and Shamanic Practitioner. Annette is a full mesa carrier in a shamanic lineage of the Peruvian Andes, an ordained Wisdom Keeper in the Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI), and trained Yoga teacher.

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