Jonathan Goldman: The Meaning of Life and The 7 Different Answers

Goldman Jonathan 1Excellence Reporter: Jonathan, what is the meaning of life?

Jonathan Goldman: What a brilliant question. I’ve chosen 7 different answers, reflecting different aspects of consciousness—from the deeply spiritual to the more mundane—in order to attempt reply to it. Here are my answers. I trust you’ll enjoy them.

1) The meaning of life is to bring kindness, compassion and love to all sentient beings, including ourselves.

2) The meaning of life is to resonate with the sacred and the divine.

3) The meaning of life is fluid—it changes depending upon our awareness and our evolutionary status.

4) The meaning of life is to be in appreciation—to give thanks and to be grateful.

5) The meaning of life is unknowable and thus often called “The Great Mystery”.

6) The meaning of life is to be happy—to be entertained and have a good time.

7) The Meaning of Life is a movie by Monty Python.


~Jonathan Goldman, M.A. is an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He is author of numerous books including HEALING SOUNDS, THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING, CHAKRA FREQUENCIES (co-authored with his wife Andi), and his latest THE DIVINE NAME, winner of the 2011 Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Health Book”. Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created over 25  best-selling, award winning recordings including “THE DIVINE NAME” (with Gregg Braden),  “REIKI CHANTS”,FREQUENCIES,”, “ASCENSION HARMONICS”, CHAKRA CHANTS”, and “MERKABA OF SOUND”.

In Spring 2011, Jonathan was named as one of Watkin’s Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet.” Also, in 2011, Jonathan was inducted into the Massage Therapy’s Hall of Fame.

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  1. for me it is to see everyone and everything as god. to never look down on anyone for the life they are experiencing and always be happy and gratefull for what you have not what you haven’t got.


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