Jennifer Noel Taylor: The Meaning of Life and the Fabric of the Universe

IMG_8535 (1)Excellence Reporter: Jennifer, what is the Meaning of Life?

Jennifer Noel Taylor: The fabric of the Universe is Love. From the same underlying fabric of life, we all have the freedom to weave different patterns. Some people create a pattern of wonder and joy and some create a pattern of struggle and despair.

In the midst of our darkest patterns, the Universe constantly guides us to connect with our love. Even in the midst of our greatest love, the Universe still guides us deeper into the infinite heart of our love. As we connect more deeply with our love, we provide our greatest service to humanity.

Security is a myth. You can have money in the bank and own a beautiful home and yet, all that you own can be wiped away in the blink of an eye. Everything can change in an instant. The only security we have is rooted in our essence – our love.

The meaning of life is Love. Love is all there is.


~Jennifer Noel Taylor is the CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc. and author of Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love. She has dedicated her life work to helping people discover the healing power of their Love.  In her role of CEO, she integrates business and spirituality by building love into the foundation her business model.

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