Nina Meyerhof: The Meaning of Life… Being a Member of Humankind

NinaExcellence Reporter: Dr. Meyerhof, what is the meaning of life?

Nina Meyerhof: How simply boring would life be if we did not seek this answer? Life is a series of experiences which we create to learn all the magnificent lessons our inner self wishes to learn and at the same time participating with others in a process of conscious evolution for the sake of the greater whole. The meaning we give is our perception that allows us to appreciate all our experiences. In seeking meaning, we find a process for determining how we wish to live and how we actually are doing as we traverse the timeline of our individual lives.

So for me “the meaning of life” is to know myself and give myself and feel connected. To do this I create activities that reflect building forms…the doinginess of life…castles in the sand.. This gives hope which turns into love and  eventually turns into the ultimate meaning of possibilities.

The purpose of life is to live it to the fullest…. to yield from the temptation of standing in the predefined boxes of our cultural identities and realize we are able to move all around our globe and into any reality that draws us to it. We are no longer living to fulfill a profession but rather to realize we are a member of humankind..a great family…and as in a family we must recognize our Brothers and Sisters and share and be kind.

Life has individual meaning for each person and at its core we are given this Blessing of a life. We can serve others or remain self oriented..but to outstretch one’s arms and walk the Path of exploration with an open kind Heart gives us JOY and LOVE in return. May we seek to live freely and allow ourselves this freedom of the vastness of the meaning of life.


~Nina Meyerhof, EdD., President and Founder of Children of the Earth. Dr. Meyerhof received many awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizen’s Department of Peace Award to the International Educators Award for Peace.

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