Julie Aigner-Clark: The Meaning of Life and Being Remembered

JC Final from b&w-1Excellence Reporter: Julie, what is the meaning of life?

Julie Aigner-Clark: As a two-time breast cancer patient, I’ve had the opportunity to really consider the meaning of life. There’s nothing like having to consider leaving life to really solidify your thinking about it. And in the end, I’ve come up with this:

“Remember how you want to be remembered”.

It’s how I try to live each day. I want to make a positive difference every day. Sometimes that can be through a tiny act — telling the girl at the grocery check out that she has a beautiful smile — and sometimes it can be bigger. Like making products that make the lives of parents and babies better, as I did with Baby Einstein and as I’m now doing with my new company, JoyBox.


~Julie Aigner-Clark, entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker.

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