Irie Love: The Meaning of Life and a World Filled with Love

IMG_3450Excellence Reporter: Irie, what is the meaning of life?

Irie Love: The meaning of life to me is LOVE and CREATION. I believe LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe and for me MUSIC is the tool by which I express my LOVE to the world.

I believe we all come to earth with a special purpose, some of which we have forgotten with our 3rd dimensional consciousness, but our spirits are driven by PASSION. Our PASSIONs are the bread crumbs, the clues leading us to or divine path. Being lead by LOVE and PASSION, life has infinite possibilities!

I believe we can create a world filled with PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY and ABUNDANCE, if we look back to the way our ancient ancestors lived before colonialism and apartheid and slavery and genocide. When we were all connected to the earth and her to us. If we can find a way to identify and compartmentalize EGO (it serves a purpose, but was never meant to lead), and to then be lead by FAITH and the SPIRIT that lives inside us all, we can CREATE a world filled with MAGIC, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and LOVE!


~Irie Love is a Hawaiian R&B Reggae singer, songwriter and performer.

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