Paul Sloane: The Meaning of Life and the Dedication to Help Others

Excellence Reporter: Paul, what is the meaning of life?DSC_0043

Paul Sloane: It is up to each of us to define the meaning of our life; to give it a purpose. Of course if you are desperately poor then the purpose of your life is to survive. However, once you have all the basic necessities then you can look for a greater purpose.

For many people this purpose is the search for and fulfilment of the love of their partner and subsequently their children. Commitment to family has been the building block of society around the world. Religion gives many people a meaning to life. Their purpose is to love God and to do His work on Earth. Those who do not believe in God need to find a higher purpose for their life. If you are a talented sportsman or musician then your purpose might be the full development and expression of your skill.

Many people in modern society seem to follow a purpose of the accumulation of money and material goods, which is not admirable. A worthier meaning of life is a dedication to help others – in whatever way you can. Ultimately each of us has to find a purpose – ideally one which uses our talents and leaves the world a better place.


~Paul Sloane is an author and public speaker on lateral thinking and innovation.

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