Istvan Sky: The Meaning of Life and the Healing Voice

Excellence Reporter: Istvan, what is the meaning of life?image1(1)

Istvan Sky: My blessed service that I got from God or the Universe as a gift is to sing from the heart and heal through the universal cosmic voice.

The secret of life is nothing else but this: what I get from God as a present I offer it immediately, pass it on and share it with joy. Just be in the presence of mind with service, compassion and humbleness, have a dip in the moment. Nothing else is needed for harmony but silence and devotion.

There are great forces and energies in the world, but we can rarely make use of them because we are attached to other things, even though it is written even in folk tales that man has no other duty than to love and to heal.

Listening to healing music creates harmony in humans, restores the disrupted balance of body and soul and smoothes heartbeat and respiration. The healing sound is born in a deep meditative state. Just sit in silence in nature. Let the ancient cosmic harmony probe deeply into your heart. Breathe slowly and listen to the songs of trees, plants and birds. Breathe together with spring, be the unfolding flower, breathe together with summer, with the miracle of completeness. Breathe together with autumn, with the passing of time and breathe together with the quiet stillness of winter.

Listen to the The Song of the Butterfly


~Istvan Sky, The Man Who Heals with Music

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