Fred Alan Wolf on the Meaning of Life

orig_00035Excellence Reporter: Dr. Wolf, what is the meaning of life?

Fred Alan Wolf: I believe that life has one basic meaning and only one meaning: Discover your true inner, hidden nature; who is that elephant in the room? In essence, be in the mystery and discover its magical secrets.

People who get wise to that want to continually know what’s going on. They find their life to be far more delightful, fun, interesting, and fulfilling.

This whole temporary experience of moving hunks of matter around becomes something not to be cursed, but something to be looked at with awe and with blessing. When that happens I think you live a fuller life.

And it doesn’t matter what state of affairs you’re dealing with. Naturally it’s pretty hard to do when you’re starving. It’s pretty hard to do when somebody’s bombing you. It’s pretty hard to do when someone is yelling at you. It’s pretty hard to do when you’re locked up because you went crazy and killed somebody. It’s pretty hard to do under those and many other dire circumstances but it’s still possible.

Magical thinking, yes, however I think it’s important and possible to do so and still be rational. So you need to be not locked into a certain way of thinking that keeps you frozen out from magical/rational thinking. That basically is what your purpose in life is—to always remember who you really are, your basic, internal, spiritual soul. How you ever want to define that, your godliness, your beingness, your universal nature, the recognition that your essential nature was never born, had not a mother or father, never dies, never has died, never was born even at the time of the big bang when everything material was born, even you were before that. Continue to seek your essential nature, your timeless Self.

To be here, to experience. It’s a remarkable thing that we can even get a chance to do it. It’s amazing. The appreciation of that, the joy which comes from attuning to that, is the meaning of life. When you realize that and start to play with that, life takes on tremendous meaning and then all kinds of interesting things start to happen to you.


~Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum

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