Robert Clancy: The Meaning of Life… the True Significance of Love

robert_clancy_HR01Excellence Reporter: Robert, what is the meaning of life?

Robert Clancy: For me the meaning of life has always been centered around one simple thing—to learn the true significance of love.

Love in all its infinite glory is such a simple word, but have you ever thought deeply about what it truly means; what it means to your heart, and what it means to the very existence of your precious soul? Love may be a simple label we place upon things that matter to us, but love represents how our essence is connected to the very fabric of the universe.

We are not humans with souls, but rather souls surrounded in our humanity. Our destiny is to seek divine love in our manifestation. Love has no boundaries, thus it can never be conquered. Love has no walls, thus it is always open. Love has no limits, thus it has no end. Life may be essential for love to survive, but love is essential for life to exist. Love!”


~Robert Clancy is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, ordained minister and published author. He is Founder of Guide to the Soul.

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  1. Robert, How blessed we are to have you among us. What a beautiful message. Love is the greatest gift of life. From the nurturing love we feel as a newborn, on to the truth and sincerity of Gods love in our lives, to the love of a spouse to help us to know love in its deepest meaning.Life without it is empty of everything beautiful. The love you bring to us all in your tireless devotion to your postings blesses more and more everyday I’m sure. Thank you never seems like enough. May God continue to bless you, your Ministry and your loved ones. Love & Light always Robert !! ❤ 🙂


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