Fiona Joy: The Meaning of Life and Putting Heart and Soul Into It

Fiona BD 130 (2)Excellence Reporter: Fiona, what is the meaning of life?

Fiona Joy: I’m still in pursuit of the answer to this question. There are no goal posts, no finishing line and the only winners are those who discover their own personal meaning, their own gifts and their own way to give back.

We are all a part of something much bigger than us and only by getting over our sense of self are we able to take our place with a single focus and as one, move forward. Individually none of us are important, and yet collectively we are all gems that can sparkle when shined.

There are many qualities needed to reach these goals and I’m still exploring them on a personal level! I have had to learn that mistakes are a part of growth and that learning from them is critical — there is no silver lining to anything unless we take something positive from it.

As much as we need to lose our sense of self importance, we must also learn to stand up for ourselves to be worthy, and of value. Self worth allows us to go beyond our own needs and help others, it gives us the courage to do the things that need to be done. Ego must be put aside, but self worth means strength.

We each have a gift and its our duty to share this. My gift is my music and the lesson of putting myself aside in the pursuit of art has been an important one. A listener can only take something from the music if it has something to say. I can only share my experience if I put my heart and soul into it and and am unafraid of the judgement.

My pre-stage mantra echoes my understanding of the meaning of life: “Dear God, you gave me this gift, please help me to share it with the audience as best I can and take them on a journey” …. And then I do a little jump and a shake, and just before I walk out on stage I say, “and get over yourself Fiona – its the music they are interested in – not you”. 🙂

A sense of humour is paramount at ALL times.

I believe that the journey is the destination and the constant forward movement of change must be embraced as a part of life that we can rely on.


~Fiona Joy Hawkins, Australian pianist, composer, producer & Singer, known throughout the world for her melodic songs and lush arrangements, as well as her mesmerizingly ballet-like performance style on the concert stage.

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  1. Lovely…I like that she (Fiona Joy) shares some complexities and dichotomies in these answers, as things aren’t always simple in our lives. I have seen her before performances, and can confirm that she really does meditate before “walking on!” Thank you for an interesting article Nicolae!

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