Charly Emery: The Meaning of Life

Excellence Reporter: Charly, what it the meaning of life?Charly_RedCarpet_Crop

Charly Emery: I’ve come to appreciate that the meaning of life can be a subjective concept I define, or a profoundly dynamic awareness I gain through the conscious actions I take and the experiences through which ‘meaning’ is revealed. Since I’m so action oriented, I much prefer the interactive aspect of the latter.

As a living breathing energy of experience and awareness we interact with, meaning is free to reveal itself in a broader variety of ways that shift our way of being, thinking, feeling and doing. Meaning then lives as much in our challenges as in our successes, in our gains as in our losses and in our sadness as in our joy. In this way the meaning of life is the energy source that empowers and transforms personal evolution, and consequently the ever changing perspective of ‘meaning’ in our lives.


~Charly Emery is a gifted intuitive confidant and author who pioneered experiential recycling and targeted stress sourcing, which are known for generating remarkably rapid shifts in life and love. Sought out by a clientele who extend from the United States of America to the United Kingdom and Australia, it was after using her own instincts to transform her life following trauma, that Charly became the result-focused resource for others that she couldn’t find.

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