Lauren Alderfer: The Meaning of Life and the Heart of Mindfulness


Excellence Reporter: Lauren, what is the meaning of life?

Lauren Alderfer:

“The road your self must journey on lies in polishing the heart.”
Hakim Sanai (1044-1150)

Cultivating the heart through mindfulness — its ever expansive, healing nature — opens the gateway to a love so deep and universal, a sacred homecoming beckoning each tender heart. 

We are all travelers in this journey, each with a unique path to follow.

As a fellow traveler, I dedicate my intentions, to the best of my abilities, of body, speech and mind, to the cultivation of the heart through mindfulness.


~Lauren Alderfer is an international educator for over 30 years who has worked in US-based overseas schools and has been a professor in several graduate programs in the US. She has written and collaborated on books about mindfulness for adults, teachers, and children. Dr. Lauren is a long-time mindful practitioner and certified yoga therapist.

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