Rebecca Crowell: The Search as the Meaning

in studio june '15Excellence Reporter: Rebecca, what is the meaning of life?

Rebecca Crowell: There are universal truths about love, compassion, and awareness, and spiritual paths that offer countless ways to perceive and experience holiness. There are aspects of our individual lives that give us day-to-day fulfillment, purpose and pleasure. All of these are vital pieces of the puzzle of meaning. But I don’t believe we ever see the complete, infinitely intricate whole during the course of our human experience.

Life may be simply be about the search for meaning, and the trust that meaning — an all-encompassing Truth — does exist. Various aspects of Truth call to us as we proceed through life, and we grow deeper, more loving, more compassionate, more grateful, and more aware, as we each make our way toward understanding a mystery that is beyond understanding.


~Rebecca Crowell, Visual Artist / Contemporary Abstractions. She is known for her innovative painting techniques involving cold wax medium and mixed media.

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