Josh Copiskey: Mind, Body, and Soul

10410748_10205422123062227_3575185594264053685_n(2)The body,
The learning station
Studio for your studying soul
Brought everything together
Taught vitality, Taught control

The senses, Embedded sensor
Converts hertz to light and sound
Interprets inconsistencies of truth
Taught balance, dumb or confound
If something is wrong you taste it
you smell or you can even feel
Don’t let it be wasted with nonsense
that is less than being ideal

The mind,
Adapter to our heart
Bus lines are branded within
to keep our thoughts organized
and our soul in sync with them

Transfers data to our soul
so when we die and leave this school
we retain what we learned
and become a usable tool
Seventy years of college
sounds like it’d be enough for me
Learning about the elements
and the motions of energy
Learning about the mechanics
and quantum anomalies
Learning about the emotions
and spiritual tendencies

The soul,
Spherical light source
Constantly converses with God
Still an angel in heavens dimension
and a lemming in the earthly sod

Trying to take two sets of directions
One from good and one from bad
Our connection to the spirit world
to lead us to go this way or that
Humbled hearts have a quiet tone
decibels less than a sinners voice
Following the rapid beat of death
Is still an open and eternal choice

Listen to the cars sound
in the midst of the train
the gentle tap, not violent rap
against your human brain
Look for God waiting on you
with a humbled heart
To grant you his mercy
and to show you your part
Spiritually connect your
mind, body and soul
Connect what you can
so the secret be told
Don’t hold back
God is giving hints
He wants to make right
before removing sins
from the face of the earth
from the face of mankind
To put heaven on earth
To build with one mind

~Josh Copiskey, 32, construction

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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