Hisham Addicoat: Life’s Journey & the Ultimate Outcome

HaircutMeaning of life, without the presumption of opinion, simply put ; initially to awaken.

How do we achieve that?

Every human being has what is called ‘conscience’, many of those without true understanding assign different theories as to what it is, let’s not go there. Conscience is actually a veiled Covenant, would you engage anybody in a task without first seeking their approval, so every human being was given a Covenant to examine and those who “signed on the dotted line”, came into the Earth.

To make it interesting, this Covenant was lightly veiled and it consisted of; (to apply layman’s terms); an Influence. This influence was able to be dissipated, if someone stuck to their ‘conscience’ , as we say when “pricked by our conscience”, maintained their level of influence.

Those who frolicked in stupidity went on their merry way and, while they considered themselves free of the obligations from fulfilling their initial declaration, were pursued and dealt with here, without any knowledge of their lack of, “free will”. Free will was in the choice to live by the Makers rule and come into the Earth, or decline and be “snuffed out”. Now you know why 100 million spermatozoa made that fateful journey and only a few survived, the majority of soul’s did not have need of an Earthly vehicle because they declined the invitation to “strive for eternal life”.

Humanity was initially given “a reminder” after time the‘conscience’ of the majority was dissipated and what was initially give as a means to restoration became a remnant and when that happened it went from restoration to a religion. At this point the Maker elicited (drew out, raised) from a people in the Earth a human that would “awaken his soul to restoration”, and he was given a new reminder, sadly the old reminder had been clouded with opinion as to its purpose and those things that invited to reassure the soul of its commitment upon this rightly guided path became stultified. In no way did the Maker invite the emergence of “Jurisprudence”, the Maker guides His chosen.

Sadly you now might grasp the function of wars, plagues & destructive forces of what we call “natural disasters”, now you might reluctantly comprehend it is the will of the Maker who deemed His Covenant, dissipated into thin air, or totally obscured.

Humanity is fast reaching that point where annihilation is the only alternative, for we have run the gauntlet, there is time to “as it were, draw out your salvation”, I think I have covered the exercise of explaining the “meaning of life”, so I might leave you to go back to sleep.

~Hisham Addicoat, 66, Glass Artist

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