Francis Kong: What is the Meaning of Life?

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Excellence Reporter: Francis, what is the meaning of life?

Francis Kong:

“Life gives us meaning when we love God with all of our heart soul strength and mind and then we love our neighbors as ourselves.

In other words, the meaning of life is to love God and love others and use our lives as channel of blessing to others.”


~Francis Kong, broadcaster, writer, entrepreneur, speaker, achiever

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  1. The totality of life dwell more on how we appreciate people and things in our lives, and ‘being with’ God always. Daily reflection gives meaning to it. As we continue our journey to fufill our plans, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Love, peace and kindness are the strengths we should always treasure.


  2. When we start seeing that our life is never measured with the successes we hope to achieve in our lifetime, but that we look at how we may become like a quiet, giant tree someday that offer shades and sustenance to the next generation, and if we clearly understood that we are always connected even to the time when Christ and His disciples planted seeds of hope for mankind, then we know that our life goes beyond the meaninglessness of living such a fleeting life. 🙂 FB/cdfnextgen

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