David Brazier on the Meaning of Life

6a00d83451b0bb69e201b8d0e7f45a970c-800wiExcellence Reporter: David, what is the meaning of life?

David Brazier: Life is a search for purity of heart, though, in fact, it is not found by searching for it. Everybody has at least a touch of it now and again. That is something to celebrate. But even when we have it, we do not always have the courage of it. Nor is it something one can own or keep. Probably the most useful practice is to realise how far from it one is most of the time. This might instil humility.

What else? Hard work, interludes of solitude, hospitality, gratitude. Travel broadens the mind, but even if you stay in one place it is good to appreciate the blessings one receives.

Cherish precious humanity. Be kind to the other life forms with whom we share this little world.

Then faith. One needs faith, devotion to the source of all this grace. All life is a prayer.

Then, if we are willing (and sometimes even when we are not) we will be naturally taken beyond what we already are and each time this happens the meaning of it all, at least in some way or other, appears to us in new brighter colours and something in us wakes up. Trust the process.


~David Brazier, Buddhist teacher, of unconventional views, doctor of philosophy, author, authority on Buddhist Psychology, creator of Zen Therapy
President of Instituto Terapia Zen Internacional
President of Amida Academy
Head of the Amida Order
Co-founder of Amida Trust

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