Jiří Kylián: What is the Meaning of Life?

Dirk Buwalda-MAI

Excellence Reporter: Jiří, what is the meaning of life?

Jiří Kylián:

The older I get, the more it becomes clear to me, that our life has no meaning whatsoever, and if it has any significance at all, it is only because of that tiny “meaning” which we so strenuously try to pump into it….?!?!

And if we are able to make a few people happy or at least touch them in some positive way on our largely selfish journey, we should feel blessed and should be very proud of ourselves….!


~Jiří Kylián, dancer and contemporary dance choreographer. In 2008 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed the prestigious Eremedaille voor Kunst en Wetenschap (Medal of honour for art and science) upon him.

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Image: Dirk Buwalda

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