Tania Luna: The Meaning of Life and Being Surprised

What is the meaning of life?Tania_Luna_photo

I don’t quite see life as having a meaning so much as I see it as the world’s most amazing opportunity. To me, our existence doesn’t have to have meaning to be meaningful.

These are the two kinds of opportunities I value most:

1. To be surprised: 

To feel my breath catch in my throat at the sight of something unexpected.
To realize I was wrong.
To feel wonder.
To have an idea so new and strange that it makes my heart race.
To see myself as suddenly very small before something vast, complex, and beautiful.
To feel the tug of mystery as I submerge my mind into a story.
To experience an emotion I can’t quite label.
To taste something so fully that the rest of the world stops existing for just a moment.
To laugh until my cheeks hurt.
To let myself experience love with all the intensity it has to offer.

2. To surprise:

To spark wonder in others and see that switch in their eyes from calmness to fascination.
To make something that has never existed before.
To invite others to step into the unknown and explore.
To help a stranger just because.
To show someone I’ve been listening and that I care.
To be the first one on the dance floor.
To delight someone in such a personalized way that they feel fully seen, valued, and cared for.
To design experiences that live on as vibrant memories.
To make someone laugh.
To give someone a new opportunity.

~Tania Luna, Leadership Trainer, Co-founder/Surprisologist at Surprise Industries

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  1. Wow. You surprised me with your comment on the meaning of life question. It is rare that I am that taken by a comment on this subject. Thank you for that insight into my day.


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