Anthony Wayne Morrison: A Breath // A Movement

481017_531807393581610_27293732_nAs time motions
within passing moments,
through lungs, through tree limb.
The breaths of a lifetime
With the currents and swelling
of eternity.
As eyes catch this cycle,
hearts give it purpose.
Formless and open, they stay.

Softly whisking away
a final breath,
Only to resurrect
in the cries of a newborn.
A weight understood
by no soul,
caressing those
in gentle sovereign song.
Divine that slips through
crevices into forever.
Only seen moving in
captured clocks and resting pictures.

The hushed winter river
feels the same push towards distance,
As warm tears sinking
down an aching face.
A blossom and a sparrow
could tell a man,
How each breath is its own,
As each life is itself.
There are a thousand ways to be human,
As there are the many branches
of a single tree.

A responsibility to feel the breeze,
as time peacefully crashes along.
Growing like the branch
with life and death coursing through.
Learn to be,
as a heart filled with wonder should.
A soul through life will quietly rain
in its thirst for new taste,
filling parts of a person
in oceans and lakes.
Do not drown
in finding how your being belongs to you.

~Anthony Wayne Morrison, 20, student

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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