Barbara Rasor on the Meaning of Life

BarbaraRasorThe Meaning of Life includes the achievement of becoming one’s best. It includes embracing that part of self and ensuring that nothing outside of self takes that “Best” away. There is a technique in which I have my clients say the following statement: “Body, become, my version of my best — become that pattern now.” They all change into a mindful version of what they believe is their best. Then I have them say, “Body, become the Universe’s (God’s, whoever ones prayers are answered) version of my best — become that pattern now.” The results are amazing! The change is unique and specific to that particular person.

So what if the meaning of life was to become one’s best and what if simply asking for it was the answer? How wonderful a world would we live in with everyone becoming the universe’s version of “Best”.


~Barbara Rasor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Assistant Professor at Holos University

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