Kimberly Seltzer: The Meaning Of Life Is In The Land Of NOW

IMG_3320AWhat is the meaning of life?

Many people try to define for others how we should live our life and give opinions on the “correct” way of living. I believe we create our own meaning. We each are individuals with different stories, different journeys and different experiences. Our past is connected to the present in the choices we make and the patterns we create which impact our reality….our meaning.

What is most important, is to live life in the land of “NOW.” So although our past shapes us and we may have concerns about the future, life has more meaning when you focus on where you are at the present and embrace it. If there are elements about the “now” we don’t like, then we have the power to change it and move past it so that we are in a happier state of being.


~Kimberly SeltzerDating Makeover Expert, Therapist and Confidence Specialist

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