Clara Chorley: Chase The Meaning You’ve Designed

Chorley-ClaraWhat is the meaning of life?

Life has no inherent meaning. And… as humans, we’re meaning-making machines. So my suggestion is — make up a meaning that feels inspiring and good and worthwhile to you. Change it as you grow and age, as your priorities shift and morph. Be willing to feel good and chase the meaning you’ve designed.

Perhaps the meaning of life is to be the most authentic, brave version of You you can be. Or perhaps it’s to Give Back and see that you’ve made others’ lives better in some ways. Or perhaps it’s to be the best athlete, dancer or singer you can be. Or perhaps it’s to raise a small human being into a big joyful one. Or maybe it’s just to enjoy the trees, the oceans and the birds on this beautiful planet.

It doesn’t really matter. It only matters to you. Design your meaning to fit with your value system and your deepest held beliefs, and then live by it. Fully. Bravely. Without shame or guilt. Not an easy task, but one that matters.

Life has no inherent meaning. Make it up.


~Clara Chorley, Career Transition Coach, Professional Speaker, Humanitarian & Insatiable Explorer.

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