Virginia Helena Guarddon: Let us enjoy this journey while it lasts…

imageExcellence Reporter: Helena, what is the meaning of life?

Helena Guarddon: I do not know much at all. What is life? Do I know? Most of us question this throughout our entire lives! I know nothing…

Why are we here? Or why does it all seem as if it was all previously chosen for us? It seems destiny has its way to our downfall, sickness, our death, leaving our flesh over our graves. In the end, we all share the same common ground, we live and die. It seems as an untouchable destiny hangs from our souls!

How dare to think we can control or understand life? How dare to think we know anything besides ourselves? Some don’t even know themselves, soulless, they awake each day, they clock in and out from their jobs, living a routine that’s meaningless.

Some don’t question life at all! They are just lost followers. We all walk somewhat lost as ghosts lamenting through the air while obscurity approaches the night that knows no longing, but awaits to steal our souls without asking for permission as we’re sleeping. We lay unhurried in a bed made of lovely dreams, yet our time keeps on ticking, waiting for our destiny to come find its way to us.

In the end, what do we know besides nothing at all? What’s life all about? Besides living and dying? Seeing the beauty in all that exists while being alive?

I now scream this!:

“We know nothing at all! Life is out of our knowledge and control! So let us enjoy this journey while it lasts”.

~Virginia Helena Guarddon, 37, multifaceted artist, model, yoga instructor and pianist.
“My occupation is ‘nothing’ at the moment (I am undergoing chemotherapy treatments). My main passion in life is writing, and due to my situation, till I get better, writing is my main career.”

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