Dr. Brenda Shoshanna: Each moment brings us the meaning of life…


What is the meaning of life?

As we search and search for the meaning of life, we do not see what’s right here. We do not feel the smile of a friend, see their need, or know how to extend our hand. We do not feel refreshed when spring rain comes, or hear the song of the birds. Each moment brings us the meaning of life, but are we truly here to receive it? Are we lost in our minds dreaming, cooking up answers of all kinds?

That kind of activity never brings true fulfillment, or answers that fulfill our need. By abstracting ourselves from the our lives and from the precious moment, we leave the realm of true understanding, which comes through deep experience. As a great teacher once said, “We never ask the meaning of life when we are in love.” (Bhagwan Osho)


~Brenda Eshin Shoshanna, Ph.D., psychologist, therapist, counselor, author and workshop leader

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