Rachit Bansal: The Stages of Life

IMG_0364The Stages Of Life

At the age of 79 on my deathbed I sat,
My heart laid out a thousand number of thoughts,
But I was not able to express even one of that.

A whole video of my highlighted life my heart made,
I saw all those happy and sad moments when I closed my eyes,
As my mind acted as a projector and the whole video it played.

These thoughts made my heart to smile,
Some of the thoughts were troubling,
But the good ones had their own style.

That small crying child is now about to go,
To the place of the gods called heaven,
And his wrinkled face to the almighty he is about to show.

Carrying a burden on the back and on the head,
The 12 year boy’s face tells a sad story,
That of his daily life and of his school he is now fed.

Now in the restaurant sat me and my present wife,
Looking young and romantic we squinted into each other’s eyes,
Taking the joy of that time we ate from the same pizza slice.

The tears flowed on my cheeks and past my lips,
As I waved at my 27 year old daughter,
Who just then got married and was going to her husband’s province.

Then that old man with the bald head and poor health,
Walking past the path with the support of the stick,
Tired with the life now besides no difficulty of wealth.

.    .    .

Now I realized that how beautiful my whole life was,
But at the end of it I regretted one thing that:-
Throughout this beautiful journey I just kept counting the flaws.

Happily I opened my eyes and saw nobody around,
They must have gone to call the doctor I thought,
I finally took my last breath and then the full stop on my life I found.

~Rachit Bansal, 14, student

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  1. hey rachit you know i loved it when i first read it and i love it even more now, how do we post poems out here. give me some idea.


    • Thank you very much for reading and liking. Poems published here are not posted they are selected by the makers, as far as I know.


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