Fernanda Maciel: The Meaning of Life and Running 24 Hours…

IMG_0728The meaning of life is to be HAPPY! When I’m running 24 hours, I’m happy! I pass through 3 stages:

  1. I feel my body and it hurts, but I keep going and learn with my sensations! I believe in myself! I’m happy!
  2. I forget about my body and I just think and observe my feelings and my emotions! I control my mind, I just think in positive thoughts and I observe everything, the nature, the athmosphere and the energy that goes around! I have open heart! I’m happy!
  3. I get into trance, in meditation! I just feel the happiness sensation! I don’t think, I don’t feel… I flow like the wind! In this moment I’m pure, I have free spirit, I have the real happiness moment! I’m full and I’m empty at the same time!

~Fernanda Maciel, ultradistance runner, member of The North Face Team

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