Bonnie Greenwell: We Are Aware Fields Of Energy

PJIu4CJdExcellence Reporter: Bonnie, what is the meaning of life?

Bonnie Greenwell: It seems to me that we can best think of ourselves as verbs, not nouns — we are aware fields of energy moving in an illusion of time, having no conscious choice regarding when we enter and very little regarding when we fade away. We are movement in apparent time and space, carrying certain mind-sets based on culture, family, learned perspectives, and experiences.

The most meaningful thing we can do is meet each moment handed to us and respond free of conditioning, with presence and awareness of our connection to the universal inter-connection of all life.

We are a species capable of thought, creation, interaction, play and defining our meaning moment by moment. We are most fortunate and useful in those moments when we see through the veils of our mental and psychological patterns, and respond from a deeper place of recognizing the need of the moment, and the need to nurture and sustain the whole. This might be termed love, or simply Being the essence of what we are. Our meaning is inherently life expressing itself in each moment.


~Bonnie Greenwell, non-dual teacher and transpersonal psychologist

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