William J. Reed IV: Work of Art

bill1 2A well-beaten path, most choose to tread
the sheep of humanity in conformity’s bed.

They live an illusion in the land of pretend.
Trapped in a box they can not transcend.

Cold iron shackles of free will they self bind
harboring their freedom, within guarded mind.

In knowing ones self, always nurture your heart
by extending your aura, your life becomes art.

Moral conscience guides, the life that you lead
foregoing all wants, only take what you need.

Follow your dreams of heart mind and soul,
in healthy esteem, you will always be whole.

When cutting new paths, new vistas you’ll view.
Life’s lessons are sojourns, manifested by you.

Though you’ll stumble and fall, as you go on your way.
Each day you will own, when apart from the fray.

Cherish this life that has grown from within.
Where you’re going is guided, by where you have been.

Be true to yourself; always follow your heart.
As you’re blazing new trails, your life becomes art.

~William J. Reed IV, 56, Public Adjuster

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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