Muskan Sharma: I am a gift

poemI am a gift
Neatly locked in the Pandora’s box
Unpacked meticulously only by The Eternal hand
And then released, to live, or rather make someone live

I am Life
Recognized first in a newborn’s cries
Welcomed happily with cheers and ecstatic claps
But when I leave, all quiet and stealthily
I am bid with searing shouts and moaning gasps

“I am dead”
People say that so often, but I am not
Simply because I am Life, and I move on
To dwell in something else, like the twinkling Star
As to watch over my loved ones;there ,but out of reach…

I am covert
Invisible to the blatant eyed; always taken for granted
But I am exquisitely everywhere; omnipotent.
Drop the scales off your eyes and see me, feel me
In the serenading birds and the dancing trees
In an innocent smile and the inevitable tears
In the beautiful spring and the lover’s ring

I am eluding
Often I am searched for a meaning
But somethings don’t exist for a purpose
So live, laugh and love, rather than search for my meaning
Because I am without any.

I am a gift
I am Life

~Muskan Sharma, 15, student
Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter 

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