Sabrina Sopha: Having Faith, Love and Trust

2008, 174,0,297,256,576,344,82What’s my meaning of life?
I truly never asked myself that.
I don’t believe there is a meaning in Life,
there surely is an Purpose of life,
and why we are on this World.
I write Poetry and like to make someone Smile.
But is that my meaning of Life?
I don’t think that when you do what you love,
that that is your meaning of Life.
The reason I do what I like
is because I find happiness in it.
And not because it is what I have to do in my Life.
For me having faith, love and trust is more important,
than finding or having a meaning in Life.

~Sabrina Sopha, 22, poetess

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

Categories: Poetry

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