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‘There is Beauty’ in the Meaning of Life of a US Navy Veteran

Bejamin GarrettThere Is Beauty

The great American plains with their vast horizons have not been far from my door for most of my life. I love their llanos, rolling hills and grasslands green or gold depending on the season. I have been to sea surrounded by blue above, below and on every side, but with no single color at my feet or to the farthest edge of sight. It has been my good fortune to enjoy the stillness of marshy glens and deep forests, the magnificence of breath-taking mountains and the stark grace of desert canyons.

My heritage is American, with the blood of British, Cherokee and Choctaw nations mixed in my veins, surging from my heart. My extended family of marriage and blood includes the genetic legacy of Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and the peoples of America. I have heard voices I could not understand but thrilled to hear with their cadences from lips, tongue and throat unheard in my own native English. The hands and arms of love and good will which have touched mine have been of every hue from ivory white to ebon black.

I cannot judge beauty, but I will love it.

~Benjamin G. Mosley, 60, US Navy veteran

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