The meaning of life is to have a ‘meaning full life’

What is the meaning of life?
I believe the answer is in the question
The meaning of life is to have a meaning full life
too much of life is spent preparing for tomorrow
And regreting yesterday
when I die I hope that my life will have shown another life
Why they want to live
The only way we can live is for our selves
Any one who says otherwise is confused between
What is love and why we do
But that is another topic
Or is it
Maybe your love will inspire someone to live
Maybe the other way around
It could be that love makes you lose your way
But it is impossible to know what will happen
So there’s no point in preparing for it
You can never change what you have done
So don’t regret any thing
If you like who you are now
then it couldn’t have been that bad
So you can only live for today
And hope that what you do has inspired somebody
To do what you were inspired to do
And there you have the circle of life
And the meaning of it.

~Fiona Hill, 15, student

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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