Kenneth MacLean: What Is the Meaning of Life?

KenProfCopy1The meaning of life is to understand that no matter what you do, you are part of a glorious universal mind that is within every human being and within every life form. The world’s conflicts, great and small, are based on clashing beliefs about how the world should be. Even though your beliefs are important, this universal mind has created every one of us as unique individuals, which means that all of us must have differing opinions.

Winston Churchill once said that if two people believe exactly the same, then one of them is unnecessary! When you think about all of the skills and products and services it takes to make a world-wide community, you realize that without this diversity of belief our world would be one-dimensional, unsustainable, and completely boring! So when you hear something you don’t like, or see somebody doing something you don’t understand, step back and smile.

Put your own brand of love into the world, even if you do it quietly.

~Kenneth MacLean, The Big Picture

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