Steven Sharp Nelson: My Beliefs

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I believe the purpose of life is to be happy.

I believe the best way to be happy is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to love others more than yourself.

I believe family is most important.

I believe we are all children of a God who loves us dearly.

I believe that good music can be a source of joy, inspiration, and fulfillment.

I believe as Bobby McFerin once said, listening to only one kind of music is like insisting on living in only one room of your home your entire life.

I believe in as much laughter in life as possible, but not at another’s expense.

I believe the cello is the coolest instrument in the world. 🙂


~Steven Sharp Nelson is an American cellist, best known as “The Cello Guy” of the The Piano Guys

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Photography: ThePianoGuys

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