Arvo Pärt: “I Suppose Secretly We Love…”

part-350dd2e86400bc352508c7f3861c732402c85699-s600-c85“On the one hand, silence is like fertile soil, which, as it were, awaits our creative act, our seed,” Pärt says. “On the other hand, silence must be approached with a feeling of awe. And when we speak about silence, we must keep in mind that it has two different wings, so to speak. Silence can be both that which is outside of us and that which is inside a person. The silence of our soul, which isn’t even affected by external distractions, is actually more crucial but more difficult to achieve.”

‘I have listened to this piece a lot, it is one of my real favourites by Pärt, I can even say that I can feel the world stand still when I listen to this piece.’

“Feel the world stand still”, repeats Arvo, quietly. “It means that although musically we are from quite different worlds, the feeling is the same. The desire is the same. It’s as if we’re in different trains but going to the same destination.

This is how life finds its own route. Look, even a little flower can push through the tarmac. Where does it get the strength from? And what is it all about? But it has this shoot inside it, and during that time, the searching for the music, I am inside that shoot.”

“And it is also like that magic experience when you speak to someone in a language they don’t speak and they understand everything you say. Things like that can happen in the world, communication happens on another level and that means that at some level, somewhere, we are all one. This music, the choir is incidentally there in between. It’s like a curtain sometimes”

“In himself”, says Pärt. “In himself, the very same theme that runs through all of these quotes, everyone recognises themselves, something is opened inside them, something which is already there. And then there is a small lamp goes on, which for a moment illuminates that little corner.

I too write music by discovering myself, looking for myself. I don’t write for others, but it reverberates with them.

I suppose secretly we love one another. Anonymously. It is very beautiful.”

“Time for us, is like the time of our own lives,” he says. “It is temporary. What is timeless is the time of eternal life. That is eternal. These are all high words, and so, like the sun, we cannot really look at them directly, but my intuition tells me that the human soul is connected to both of them — time and eternity.”

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