Margi Young: The Meaning of Life and the Dust Mote

Margi_20160317-8 (1)Excellence Reporter: Margi, what is the meaning go life?

Margi Young: The meaning of life? I have no idea! We are on a dust mote among millions of dust motes lazily drifting through the rays of light that break through the window of the universe’s living room.

What I do know is that we are stuck together on this dust mote called earth and therefore we need to work hard every moment of every day to create harmony. Especially when life throws us curveballs, it is our responsibility to navigate the challenges with as much grace as we can muster. And be kind to ourselves and others. And connect, and love, and kick some ass, and soften, and relax into the mystery of the meaning of life.


~Margi Young was recently named one of the hundred most influential yoga teachers in America by Sonima. Her classes emphasize correct alignment, hard work, and intense relaxation so that the benefits of yoga reveal themselves. She roots her alignment-based vinyasa classes both in Buddhist philosophy and in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to invite the physical practice to result in a calm mental state. She offers personal attention, both verbal and hands-on, to help her students clarify and deepen their practice. Taking a cue from the Buddha, Margi’s classes are light-hearted; it is imperative that we come together and study this vast subject with joy.

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